Business support

VisionFlow is a powerful software

VisionFlow simplifies all aspects of your Business Support. Allow your marketing team and HR-department to easily manage ad hoc requests as well as large and small projects. VisionFlow is a powerful software that manages all customers, prospects and contacts in one place in the organization. Sharing information and knowledge has never been easier. Some of the key features are flexible task and event management, mass email, CRM and Contract Management.


VisionFlow can easily be adapted to each business's unique way of working, such as Sales, HR, Management, Application Development, Operation and Support. Let your teams and departments share knowledge and information about customers, quotes and service agreements in one central place.

One place

With VisionFlow you will have all customer conversations, contracts, projects and tasks in one place. Easy to find, easy to help.

Group Calendar

The group calendar enables you and your colleagues to plan and coordinate your meetings and tasks. Get an overview of how your own and your colleagues’ schedule looks.

Key Features

Mass email, Web forms, Email integration with templates, Calendar with Outlook integration, Email ticketing system, File and document management with complete indexing and search, Contract management and much more.