Long lasting relationships

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a philosophy where you focus on the customer in every aspect of your organization. The goal is to create long lasting relationships and keep your customers satisfied. VisionFlow gives you the tools to manage all your customer interactions in one place, easily and efficiently.

All communication in one place, regardless of in which context the dialogue was initiated.

Improved customer service, no matter which function is handling the customer communication.

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Manage all projects by... something something something


Communicate directly with operations to get... something something


Use customer relationship management to... something something something


Work closely with support do deliver the best experience for your customers.

All in one

Let your teams and departments share knowledge and information easily. Handle quotes, contracts and service agreements in one place.

Organize your work

Organize your sales information, daily activities and deals. Use the ticket system to stay up to date with the latest customer converesations.

Key features

Customer and contact management, Email ticketing system, Complete traceability with customer and contact logging.